Best Ways To Make Money Online Blogs & Web

Best Ways To Make Money Online Blogs & Web

Here are the top ways to make money from your blog. If you have made your blog popular by using all the tips and tricks mentioned in this then this is the time to monetize your blog. You can make money from your blog by using all the ways mentioned in this post:

Make Money Online

Make Money Online Blogs & Web

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a very good way to make money from your blog but remember if you are a Indian resident then you cannot apply for AdSense until you own your blog for 6 months. Google Adsense is an advertising program by Google. Google Adsense works by displaying ads relevant to the topic of your blog thus increasing the chances of clicks on the ads.
Whenever a person clicks on ad on your blog he will be taken to  the advertiser's website and Googe pays you a  percentage of amount made by that click. Google Adsense has a higher pay per click rate than any other advertising program  so I advise you to develop your blog carefully and make it a perfect blog in 6 months then you should apply for google AdSense.

And remember you should not completely rely on Google Adsense for income from your there are many other ways to make money from your blog. Most of the other ways pay more money than Google Adsense like affiliate marketing. This is a very good money making tool if used properly.

2. Affiliate marketing

You may visit many websites on the internet and there may be some products or sites that you like. Who knows that your favourite product or website may have affiliate program from which you can earn money. To make sure that your favourite product or website has an affiliate program scroll down at the website and see if there is any button named affiliate program. Then sign up for the affiliate program and start promoting the product on your blog or website through your affiliate link. This is a very popular money making tool on the internet. Affiliate marketing means that you promote a person's product and whenever you make a sale you will get a commission paid directly into your PayPal account. A sale is recognised as coming from your site if it comes through your affiliate link.

3. Review Products

Yes you can make money by reviewing products on your blog and recommending them to others. ReviewMe provides you with an opportunity to earn money by reviewing products on your blog. You just simply have to create an account on and then submit your blog to reviewme. You will receive a reply within a few days that your blog has been approved or not. When your blog gets approved then its time to review products. You may be required to write a few lines, a few paragraphs or may be a whole blog entry about a certain products. The amount of money per review ranges from $100 to $200. It is a decent amount of money if you ask me. Generally your blog has to receive a good deal of traffic to get accepted by these websites, and depending on how much work you do for them payment can be slight or substantial.

4. Create your own products to sell

This is a good way to make money from your blog. If you have some extra information other than the information you have shared on your blog then you combine the articles on your blog and add some extra information from the internet and from your idea and compile them into an e-book. To create PDF file you should first write your e-book in MS Word and when you have completed your e-book then you should select save as and select from the file type menu PDF it will be saved as a  PDF file and then you can sell it on your blog. The benefit of selling your products is that you get to keep all the  money generated from the sale unlike affiliate marketing. You can also create a video course of your own and sell it on your blog. You can also create T-shirts with your blog logo and sell them on your blog.

5. Sell your Blogger Theme

Have you created a nice theme for your blog or you have a rare theme on your blog then you can sell your theme on your blog and make money. Price the theme according to how advanced the web design is. You can also download some rare themes from the internet if you have the time to search on the internet.

6. Sell ad space directly to Advertisers

You can also sell ad space directly to advertisers rather than joining any Advertising networks and being paid a percentage of the money made. If your blog is popular then you sell ad space directly to advertisers. You introduce your ad rates per month in some posts so that people can see them and buy ad space from you.

This is the end of this post I will also explain every topic in detail in other posts so keep reading my blog.