Top 10 Best Blogging Communities You Should Use To Drive Massive Traffic

Top 10 Best Blogging Communities You Should Use To Drive Massive Traffic

Today I am going to mention the Top 10 blogging communities which will help you to drive massive traffic to your blog. These communities are very important for every blogger to build relationships, drive traffic and generate backlinks with other bloggers in the blogosphere. The blogging communities listed below are just a few alternative options.

Best Blogging Communities

What is blogging community?

Blogging community is Platform for the bloggers. Blogger’s from everywhere join these communities and share each other’s post and built relationship with like-minded bloggers. Blogging communities work as the central point of blogosphere.

Benefits of using Blogging Communities

Blogging Communities always played a crucial role to drive good traffic. It is one of the most common way to get referral traffic to your blog by promoting your blog post. Not only traffic also you can make some quality backlinks from these communities, because most of these communities have high PR and high DA. So join now and get the benefit of the popular blogging communities.

1. BlogEngage

Blog Engage is a premium blogging community where bloggers submit their blog posts to get good exposure, backlinks and traffic. Although it’s premium blogging community, but it is really worth to invest money for one time only. It's spam free. Moreover, you get high-quality backlink from blog engage. Also Blogengage often sponsor giveaways and contests. If you really want to interact and build relationship with other bloggers then Blog Engage is the best place for you. To Join blog engage (Click here)

2. BizSugar

Bizsugar is 2nd best blogging community in our list which is used by huge number of bloggers to promote their posts. This community is amazing if you want traffic to your blog because being a large number of users you would be getting good traffic. It’s very easy to use, just sign up and share your post, but your first article goes through moderation process and once your first article get approved then you are free to submit your other post. Join Bizsugar now!

3. Klinkk

Klinkk is another awesome blogging community website created by Erik Emanuelli. It is quite similar as the above blogging community. We can share our blog posts and can vote other blog posts. It is very good source to drive traffic. Join Klinkk now!

4. BloKube

BloKube is one of the oldest blogging community formed by a famous blogger named Devesh Sharma from Which is widely used by blogger across the World. Sharing posts on BloKube can definitely awesome to make a strong relationship with each bloggers to a large number of audience and increase you blog’s visibility. Join Blokube now!


ManageWP is a new blogging community website for WordPress related, post it is a good place for bloggers and developers to share their posts and can easily get vote on every post. ManageWP is also a good traffic source for blogs covering WordPress related topics. (Click here)

6. is a another great blog community similar to Bizsugar. Build good relationship by joining discussions and vote for others. It’s quite easy place to start promoting blog post as soon as you register. Join now!

7. Triberr 

Triberr  is another great one in the list which has a large number of active users. Just sign up and share your post, If your submitted post gets good number of votes it’ll feature on homepage which in return reward to you with huge traffic to your blog. Participating in discussion, voting for others etc. are few things which you would use and build connections around you. We also Drive Good Traffic From Triberr. Join Triberr now!

8. is also works like Blog Engage and Blokube. IndiBlogger is very active blogging community created for Indian bloggers. IndiBlogger's members share and vote their favorite links. IndiBlogger is a good blogging community you can use to build good relationships, learn from other bloggers and it is also a very good source of traffic for your blog. Join Indiblogger now!